We know no person or company that is working in the crypto space that magnaged to navigate through the jungle without beeing scammed.

This community will create a news site, an alert system and an archive about cyber scamming. The focus will be on Crypto Exchanges and what names are not trustable. Everyone is invited to help and prevent future fraud. The key is to share information. As Qubitica.net is building this site, we already have a big community that may help. There is almost no crypto exchange where we do not have at least one account, but we need the input of much more persons.

Typical scams are:

  • Scammers pretend to be an official service member of a known company
  • Crypto exchanges that do not withdrawal tokens or pay out funds
  • Identitiy theft
  • ICOs that had only the intend to get your funds and no business model
  • and many more…

Normally you loose:

  • time
  • money
  • sleep
  • and much more…

How everybody can help:

  • Become an author of this site and care for a special topic
  • Post your experience with scamming through our Submit Form
  • Ad  comments to our posts
  • Subscribe to our newsletter
  • Write us an email about your scam to info@qubitica.net
  • Share this site with all pepole that may use this website, too

This site and is not build for any commercial purpose. There will be no advertising or service that can be paid for. All data will be kept within this site and will be only used for the purpose above.