is suspicious how you can withdrawal funds, especially some tokens.

Since December 2018 many tokens you hold in your account cannot be transferred out, because of a “wallet maintenance”. This maintenance is lasting now for 3 month.

Even the #4 token EOS can not be trasferred out and the price gap between this token on this exchange and any other exchange is about 25%.


It seems that they try to attract buyers who want to buy the EOS token cheap with a 25% discount, but then you will not get the token out to another wallet. Of course the spread at is so high that a sell would result in a heavy loss. A good concept to scam pepole and earn money for the exchange, if this is their concept.

You can see the current price fluctuations here.

The maintenance of the EOS wallet is not communicated on their website. It should, at least when you buy it. The maintenance is only reflected when you acctually try to make a transfer out to an outside wallet. The support is answering with the only information that the wallet is in “maintenance”.

Any comments appreciated.